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Oil Change

The oil in your vehicle plays a vital role in the functionality of your engine:

  • It keeps metal parts in your engine from touching
  • It contains detergents that will help clean your motors moving parts
  • It transfers dirt to the oil filter instead of it building up in the oil pan
  • It will help move heat out of the engine compartment

Without having an oil change, you will eventually run into issues that can shave off years of life on your engine. And that can be very costly!

What's the best oil weight for your car or truck? Should you use different oils for different seasons? Are there better performing oils to put in your car or truck? We can answer all those questions specifically for your vehicle here at your trusted dealership.

Oil changes are very affordable and they don't take up a lot of time. So why would you want to avoid giving your vehicle the nutrient it needs run at its full potential. Here at Beloit Buick GMC we will make sure that the right oil will be added and changed properly from one of our GM trained technicians to get your vehicle road ready for miles to come.